Our Culture : Working at ASC

"At Appleton Supply Company we believe that teamwork is our ultimate competitive advantage."

Appleton Supply Co., Inc. is a highly successful TEAM-ORIENTED company.  Working together as a team, everyone associated with Appleton Supply has helped make it a leader in our field.

Building teamwork requires that we establish mutual trust and confidence in one another.  Mutual trust and confidence requires communication effort and commitment on the part of everyone.

At  Appleton Supply Co., Inc. we know that to earn your trust, we must be open and above board in all we do, and we intend to do everything possible to meet that expectation.  Appleton Supply Co., Inc. offers competitive pay/benefits and excellent employee relations programs.

Management at Appleton Supply is encouraged to have an "employees come first" attitude.  This attitude is geared to respect each employee as a person with individual feelings, concerns and aspirations.  We want to deal with employees directly and individually because we believe this is the way to build our team and the working relationship we all need at Appleton Supply to continue as a successful company and for employees to attain their goals.

At Appleton Supply there is opportunity for all employees to grow and prosper along with the company.  This can best be accomplished in an environment of trust, confidence, and direct communication.

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